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Our Mission

"MAVNA believes that education should be affordable and accessible to all"


As the saying goes, "The progress and success of a nation depends on good education". There are currently no veterinary nursing schools in Malaysia. To obtain a formal education in the profession, aspiring veterinary nurses have to rely on oversea courses which are expensive and not legally recognized by the higher education ministry as well as the veterinary department of Malaysia. One of our first mission is to attempt to establish a local veterinary nursing school that is easily accessible, affordable and also meets the international standards for veterinary nursing education.


Professional Development

All medical and veterinary professionals, have a requirement for continued education for annual practicing license renewal. Accredited veterinary nurses are no exceptions and continued professional development programs ensure sustained high standards of medical skills and practices. MAVNA aims to provide the veterinary nurses and assistants of Malaysia with high quality, industry applicable continued education.


Community Support

MAVNA aims to unite and provide support to all veterinary paraprofessionals of Malaysia. Collectively, we are better heard and that is important to bring changes that we want to see in this industry.



Our next mission is to strive for legal recognition of credentialed veterinary nurses and veterinary paraprofessionals as a medical professional, governed and recognized in the eyes of the law. Similar to veterinarians, veterinary nurses should go through stringent exams and training to formalize and establish a standard level of care, skills and professionalism. 



Credentialing is an important factor to distinguish formally-trained veterinary nurses possessing veterinary nurse qualifications and conform to standards appropriate to professional veterinary practice. Credentials also secure an established standard of medical care that an individual is able to provide, and aids the public, as well as other veterinary professionals recognize an individual who has adhered and endeavored towards formal training and certification in the relevant profession. Examples of legally recognized veterinary nurse credentials are the RVT/LVT (Registered/Licensed Veterinary Technician) in the United States, RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse) by the RCVS in United Kingdom, and RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse) by VNCA in Western Australia.

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