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Our Mission & Vision

We are set to elevate the field of veterinary nursing to new heights in Malaysia. We aspire to improve education opportunities, provide support to the members of the profession, as well as to promote veterinary nursing as a professional career and to establish a standard of professionalism.


We'd love to hear from you

Interested to join us in our quest? We want to hear from you! Suggestions, opinions, advices, events, collaborations, donations, sponsorships, you name it, we are all ears.



MAVNA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to elevating the profession of Veterinary Nursing in Malaysia to achieve legal and public recognition by setting a high standard of quality veterinary nursing care, education, professionalism and ethics amongst members of our profession.

Participating as a member offers an opportunity to have your opinions heard, and the opportunity to represent our community to achieve the recognition that we deserve, as a valuable part of the veterinary industry. 

All proceeds from memberships, funds, sponsorships and donations contributes towards the development of the association and the veterinary paraprofessional community to better improve and serve the veterinary nursing profession in Malaysia. 

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